Who are we? A group of really friendly experts in communication, consultation, engagement and social research. We understand the competing pressures and practicalities of delivering large scale projects from our operational experience and we bring knowledge and expertise in delivering service change.

What do we do? Mentoring/advising, support and delivery for public sector organisations who are considering transformational change or service reconfiguration. We can be as critical or friendly as you need to keep you on the right track

Who do we do it for? People with strong values and principles based on social justice. People like us, who want to make a positive difference and whose moral compass points in the right direction.

How do we do it? We take time to listen to our clients by immersing ourselves in the project and understanding their view of the world. Together we work to solve their problems using evidence based techniques and methodology. We work hard to make complex situations simple and support the delivery of transformational change.

The principals of PHfivepointzero are Andy Mills from ampartners.org.uk , Andy Wright from asv-research.co.uk and Anna Collins from Maktub Consulting. Working closely with The Consultation Institute and other best practice benchmarkers our approach is informed by our extensive knowledge and experience of public service transformation and redesign. Our team includes Market Research Society accredited professionals and Faculty of Public Health registered associates so we’ve got a lot of bases covered.

Why PHfivepointzero? Because that’s smack bang in the middle of the average pH value for coffee, and our team love nothing more than good coffee and stimulating chat.

For more information email letschat@ph5point0.co.uk or use the contact form